Dorothy Staub restores the health of our veterans, yet her wages were slashed.

Dorothy is a Family Assistance Center Specialist for the National Guard. She helps our veterans and their families in the most dire of circumstances. When her contract was up, she and 500 others were laid off, but about a month later, she got her job offered back to her at nearly half the amount she was making before. This blatant wage theft doesn't just hurt Dorothy - it's a slap in the face to our servicemembers and their families. Good Jobs Nation is now filing a national legal complaint on behalf of caseworkers like Dorothy who save servicemembers' lives.

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Caseworkers like Dorothy help get our country's heroes through their toughest times. The last thing someone healing our veterans should have to endure is stolen wages. Please sign the petition to help give back the dignity Dorothy's work deserves.

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Listen to her story with Rep. ellison

DNC Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison took some time to listen and relate to Dorothy's heartbreaking story on the War on Workers Report. 

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