Good Jobs Nation is a movement representing over 2 million low-wage federal contract workers who break their backs to serve America. Since 2013, we have been the tip of the spear in the fight back against the war on working families.

Our mission is simple: we fight online and in the streets to hold the President and politicians accountable to working families.

During the Obama administration, we used our collective power to win 3 executive orders guaranteeing fair pay, paid sick leave and safe workplaces for millions of low-wage federal contract workers. We went on strike and won a union for food service workers at the Smithsonians and stopped the deportation of Antonio Vanegas, a wage theft victim who reported his employer's crime.

Now that we are faced with a new era of unprecedented attacks on our rights, we are pushing back harder than ever to hold the President and his Congressional cronies accountable to the working families that keep our country running.

Most people don’t know this, but the largest low-wage employer in America is not Wal-Mart, McDonald’s or Burger King. The largest low-wage employer in America is the U.S. government.
— Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)